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Career Development

Since its establishment, the China Business Event Industry Committee has focused on the following six areas: 
1) member development, 
2)media promotion, 
3)creating and hosting of the China Congress of Association and Chamber of Commerce,
4) formulation of the Evaluation Standards for Conference and Event Service, 
5) organizing incentive buyers and sellers to participate in overseas exhibitions, 
6) education and training of professional personnel.

China Business Event Industry Committee membership is covering conference hotels, business associations, conference and award management enterprises, the Convention and Exhibition Bureau and Tourism Bureau, education and training institutions, convention and exhibition centers, public relations and events, convention and exhibition, media, transportation, PCO and DMC.

The Professional background emphasizes the importance of education and training and professional internships to provide future talents to member. The platform of the China Business Event Industry Committee provides a good opportunity for internships for convention and university students. Within the Federation, college students can be provided with opportunities for internships and exercise in the entire industry chain of business. Members can provide many winter and summer internship positions, from freshman to senior staffs. Internships in member companies can better train their comprehensive ability.

If you do well during the internship, the Federation encourages member companies to sign contracts with you so that you can have a job soon after the graduation. In this way, college students already have a company that they are happy to work with, and have a certain degree of work experience. As soon as they graduate, they can be right on the position and enter the working role earlier than others. The application period can be shortened and quickly adapted to the working environment, laying a foundation for rapid development in the workplace.

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