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Shanghai LCSH Culture Company
Source:     Release time:2020-02-11
Shanghai LCSH Culture Company

Shanghai LCSH Culture Company owns a new media camp centered on social media marketing. Providing a strong support of creative content communication based on social media resources such as Weibo, WeChat, Today's headlines, and Zhihu. 

The company operates social media accounts such as "Yang Min Talk", "Xu Xiaosheng Physician", "Tian Xue _ Eat and Beautiful", "One Week Real Estate", "Real Estate Vision", "Su Xiao 6818", "Li He - New Bee Women's Team Leader", etc.  Its resources cover food, life, health, real estate, automotive and other fields, and cross-cover multi-level user groups.

As the founder of the company, Yang Min is Chinese first French wine trading master degree holder. Based on 20 years’experience immersed in wine industry, Min knows all domestic and overseas wine knowledge.   He used to be a college teacher, attended various TV shows, ran his own business, and also published books. He was referred “the Cute Uncle of the Wine circle” within wine industry. 
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