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31Company Profile
Source:本站     Release time:2019-12-22
31 Event was founded in 2010, and taking Technology Drives Customer’s Success as the mission. Three clouds were continuously released: Event Cloud, Interactive Cloud and Marketing Cloud. By the end of 2016, 31 Event has provided service for more than 300 thousand companies with more than 1.3 million events. Headquarter of 31 Event is located in Shanghai with15 branches across China.

31 Event Cloud: By using the technology of the Internet and the Internet of things, to fulfill one-stop full- process digital operation of events, which covers 8 fields: display, registration, on-site management, data management etc. Those who have no professional skills can easily use the system by themselves.

31 Marketing Cloud: Oriented as marketing automation system, aiming to help marketing department to collect potential customers leads, hatching customers and maintain regular customers. 31 marketing cloud integrates several marketing technologies: event management, marketing tools management, data management, marketing task, we-chat binding, member management and statistical analysis. And making it integration, modularization and streamline, to fulfill its system integration, unified management of customer data and marketing content, one-stop connecting tool, full-process digital management of event and digitization and automation of marketing tasks.
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